This website is dedicated to the courageous women and men who stand against the unequal treatment of women in the Catholic Church. It is also dedicated to the protestant sisters and brothers who support those pushed away and share their churches and facilities with them.

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... and I can be a priest!
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Die Priesterinnen Jesus
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We are not theologically illiterate!
The Hoax of the German Bishops' "Woman Deacon"
by Angelika Fromm

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Prophetic Voices:

On May 22, 1994 a shadow fell over the celebraton of Pentecost

Fr. Stefan Hartmann on the 20th anniversary of the papal "No" to women » More


Excommunication Martha and Gert Heizer

On May 21, 2014 Martha and Gert Heizer learnt that Rome had "excommunicated" them. Reason: "private celebrations of the Eucharist" without the presence of a priest.

"To exclude people is just terrible," a lady visiting the All-Catholics meeting in Germany was shaking her head. Another visitor agreed: "Nowadays we should be able to talk to one another. Such punishments do not fit our day and age anymore."

Pink Smoke Over the Vatican

Kate Conmy and Erin Sains Hanna, Womens' Ordination Conference (WOC), remind the exclusively male leadership of the Vatican that women represent half of the church. Foto: WOC


Women cannot be priests. Why? Women cannot become priests because of a bunch of old men. These old men justify their beliefs with a brace of ridiculous arguments that Jesus would have overturned in a minute. “Do unto others as you would have them do to you.” What about that is hard to understand? If you can become a priest, I can become a priest. Period. Equality. JOHN PATRICK SHANLEY, New York Times, 2/12/2013


It Would Be Revolutionary For the Church & I Think That's What It Needs

The next pope should be a woman. I know it is not possible. It's not going to happen just yet. It will happen one day. It would bring the Catholic Church into the 21st century. » Miriam Duignan on 4Thought TV

Prophetic Voices:

Attending a Mass Lead By a Woman Priest

Last Sunday we drove, kids and all, to Stuttgart to attend mass. It was not our usual mass. We were right in the middle of it. Our eldest read the gospel. Everyone talked about it. We shared communion with each other. The liturgy was fresh, alive, clear and in today's language. » Weiter


Persecution And Punishment: A Stone-Hearted Church That Is Revolving Around Itself – Opinion

What is the worst sin? To hurt someone? Not to show love? Not to help? To act against your conscience? No, the worst sin is to question the authority of the Vatican, to dissent from the one, and only one, Vatican opinion.

Pedophile clerics, guilty of abusing children for decades, are being protected, even supported by being moved to new locations, where they are unknown and they can continue their crimes.

But priests, who served their communities faithfully and stood up for their faith and for the church are being marginalized and dismissed because they do not agree with one of the zillion doctrines, laws and rules of the Vatican.

They are servants of their church and they don't deserve being treated in such a harsh, cold, and cruel way by the church hierarchy. In following their conscience and the call of God, they are examples to all the faithful. They deserve our respect and support - not excommunication, marginalization, and loss of pension benefits. (bca)

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